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  • Ironically, if it were not for the great financial debacle of 2008, this Guide may never have happened.
    In 2007, I was laid off from an upper management job that included managing 44 Million dollar a year operations including retail. I decided to sell my Hot Wheels collection of over 50, 000 pieces. This decision was based primarily for two reasons. 1) I was paying $200/Month in storage fees and, 2) I found it was impossible to find Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts.
    Since their inception in 1995, I had only collected 7 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts in a span of 12 years.. This was not for lack of trying. I felt like I spent every waking hour searching Wal-Marts, Targets and every other retailer I could find only to come up with no results. I managed to sell my complete collection on EBay except for 2 vehicles: the 1969 VW Beach Bomb with surfboards in the rear as well as its matching counterpart, the VW Beach Bomb with surfboards in the sides. Aside from those 2 vehicles, I ended my career as a Hot Wheels’ Collector . Even though I had been collecting since 1967, I no longer wanted to be frustrated by my search for Treasure Hunts.
    2008 yielded a job offer in upper management to a new city. This city had one Walmart, one Kmart, 2 Walgreen’s Drug, one 99 Cent Store, one Toys ‘R Us (a short drive away) and two Kroger Grocery. I relocated only to find out the company was downsizing instead of growing, a symptom of 2008 and I found myself jobless.
    That night, I walked into a Wal-Mart and found 7 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts. The excitement was like nothing I had felt in all my years of collecting except when I had found each of the VW Beach Bombs. The key was the time I had gone into that Wal-Mart which was an entirely unexpected time. Although I did get a job doing what I didn’t want to do, my hobby had been reborn. The only difference was that I no longer wanted to collect but preferred to sell instead.
    The most important thing I did that day was jot a note on my calendar when I had found the Treasure Hunts. I also noted my calendar for the rest of the year. This was also the year that I started going to Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Walgreen’s Drug, Big Lots, 99 Cent Store, Toys ‘R Us, Target and Kroger Grocery every day for at least a year. I had the Treasure Hunt Bug! Ultimately, 2008 was the year that began my Wal-Mart and Kroger Grocery run for four consecutive years of going in everyday and recording delivery days and times.
    2009 matched 2008 to a close degree when I could expect deliveries. I wondered if I could base my delivery searches on the year prior’s calendar. I used my experience as a Manager to construct a detailed daily record. 2009 yielded over 200 Treasure Hunts!
    2010 and 2011 yielded much more success being noted as the first years that I had found each and every regular and Super Treasure Hunt Series Car for those years. 2011 was also the first year that I had found over 500 Treasure hunts in a year. Diligently, I kept noting my scores at each and every retailer. But, I was spending a lot of money on fuel for a good number of fruitless searches. It became apparent that I did not have to go searching every day.
    2012 became the year that instead of going out and searching every day, I would use the Calendar created from the years prior and limit my runs to only those dates highlighted on the historical calendar. 2012 yielded my record total at 656 Treasure Hunts in a year. I also made 35,000 of revenue from reselling Hot Wheels. 2012 was the year I decided that other Hot Wheels collectors would want to know this. This was the first Guide that discussed retailers as if you were in the back room discussing historical records of deliveries with a receiving manager.
    In 2013, the 1st Edition of the Treasure Hunter’s Guide 2013 published on EBay. The Editions, numbered 1st through 3rd, has received a multitude of positive comments with my favorite comments being those stories of fathers and sons being brought closer together, the Collector’s first Dump Bin Score and those comments that say a work like this is long overdue.
    The goal of this book is to make Hot Wheels Treasure Hunting more accessible to all Collectors as well as to make Treasure Hunting fun again. As you will learn on the field, Treasure Hunting is highly competitive and I am one of many to make a lot of money on Hot Wheels. Whether it be a hard-core collector or one who sells for profit, They know that the trick is to be at the right place, at the right time, before anybody else. If there’s one thing you will quickly learn, the first to a Dump Bin, Case, Scavenger Cube or End Cap, all Collectors will take all the Treasure Hunts. Very few leave a Treasure Hunt for the next Collector…many may argue the point but the fact remains that .success means you have to be there first. This Guide will give you a leg up on the competition. Very few people can remember the exact date and time items came in the year prior much less 3 years prior. It is this historical pattern that will give you the best odds to be in the right place, at the right time!
    Please take a look at the website for 2013 Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt releases as well as EBay Quick Links for all Treasure Hunts made from 1995 – 2013. The website also lists the addresses of all Kroger Grocery nationwide – my favorite Choice for Hot Wheels Collectors.
    This year, I anticipate Hot Wheels Sales of $50, 000. I use the information in this book alone to get there….Thank goodness for 2008!
    This book was designed for you, the Hot Wheels Collector, whether young or experienced, I believe this Guide will benefit you by putting you in the right place at the right time.GLTH!